Photo of my poems' book

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It was a memorable day in my life;
When I was rewarded for my talent
In the stage, amidst my friends
In assembly for my poem's trend.

I was amazed as she said of my poetic talent,
In the presence of our school teachers
I wanted to stand up, but I could not,
As I was allured by what was said.

My legs tangled when everyone perceived me
As though among throstles, I was a bee.
I could not believe my own ears,
So, I bowed my head in a trice.

I was happier than ever before
By this honour for my lore.
It was all but the gift of the ubiquity
And shall bring me bliss in my tranquility
My sincere thanks to the authority
I shall never forget her charity.

Still the verdant memories linger in my heart
And it shall be there forever as an indelible dot.


Saturday, July 4, 2009


I rest on a rock watching an ant
Which runs about hither and thither
Between the shrub and my feet
Searching some food for it to eat.

Why should it search all the time
When it is happy, content and gay
These are the thoughts of my mind
And everything seems to blink at me.

I am very simple, soft and kind
I dont want to kill any creature
I used to swallow only the small worms
When I think that its fate is finished.

I do not want to command anything
Because I am fragile and soft hearted;
But I have a lot of self confidence
A lot of self confidence do I have.

I want to chirp chirp all the time
But the day vanishes letting me calm.
I very much yearn to possess that right,
To say that I am ready for any fight.